Inmarsat’s BGAN Radio Module (BRM) is a credit card-sized core module board housing a full-duplex BGAN modem

The BRM enables Inmarsat Value Added Manufacturer (VAM) Partners to integrate BGAN connectivity into their User Terminals

The BRM can be used with various Front End Module (FEM) and antenna configurations, and includes a RESTful command interface accessed via Ethernet.

Inmarsat’s technology enablers for rapid MSS terminal development

Inmarsat’s BGAN radio module (BRM), developed by TTP, enables value added manufacturers (VAMs) to rapidly develop high-quality, low-cost MSS terminals for land, maritime and aviation applications.

The credit card-sized BRM houses a full-duplex BGAN modem that can be integrated with various front-end module and antenna configurations to form complete user terminals. TTP worked with Inmarsat to create the BRM, including the protocol stack, in a development spanning the engineering design, prototyping, performance validation and manufacturing introduction. An extensive campaign of pre-type approval testing was completed to ensure that the BRM met Inmarsat’s performance and quality requirements.

Complementing the BRM, TTP and Inmarsat also created an innovative small, low-cost and light-weight radio front-end design which is resilient to interference from unwanted in-band and out-of-band blocking signals.

BGAN radio module

Blueprint Reference Design

Low risk, highly flexible

Blueprint diagram

The reference design incorporates the key BGAN elements of a user terminal including:

  • Meets Inmarsat Type Approval requirements
  • Ethernet to antenna port functionality
  • Adjustable / efficient RF transmitter design
  • ATC/LTE resilient RF receiver design
  • Microcontroller for RF calibration & antenna control
  • Developer kit available for fast track development

Adopting a Blueprint based design approach significantly reduces technical and schedule risks for developers. The Blueprint meets Inmarsat’s Type Approval requirements to ensure a rapid Type Approval of the developer’s end product, leaving developers to concentrate on their individual 'value-add' services and features - without the need for specialist RF design skills.

Blueprint with and without enclosure

The Blueprint is a complete Ethernet to antenna BGAN user terminal reference design, based on Inmarsat's BGAN radio module (BRM). It includes the latest requirements for ATC/LTE resilience, making it significantly easier for new and existing partners in the Inmarsat ecosystem to bring land, maritime and aeronautical terminals to market.

Key Features
Typical BoM cost (excl.BRM) ~$200
Compact Size (incl. BRM) ~158 x 118mm
Low power consumption
Supports all BGAN classes
Carrier aggregation ready
ATC/LTE specification compliant
Antenna control interface


Blueprint evaluation board

The challenges

Even with the BRM, developing a complete satellite terminal requires specialist RF design skills.

  • Obtaining the mandatory Inmarsat Type Approval can prove to be a lengthy and expensive exercise, requiring specialist knowledge.
  • Technical risks can create barriers for new entrants to the satcom/Inmarsat ecosystem and can result in increased development and product costs plus a longer time-to-market for new satellite enabled products and services.

The BRMworks solution

Our solution is a new BRM Integration Blueprint reference design for new and existing partners in the Inmarsat ecosystem, providing a blueprint for integrating all the components required to produce an end product.

  • Simple application: No RF design required. Get started with a developer kit - the developer kit version of the Blueprint design, capable of over-the-satellite operation, is available for evaluation purposes as well as to provide an early hardware and software integration platform for developers.
  • Low-cost: Cost optimised hardware design and cost-effective user terminal development.
  • Low risk: Adopting a Blueprint based design approach reduces the technical and schedule risks for developers. The BRM Blueprint has been fully tested and proven capable of meeting Inmarsat’s Type Approval requirements to ensure a rapid Type Approval of the developer’s end product.
  • Rapid time to market: The BRM Blueprint allows you to cut development time from 2 years to 2 months.
  • Customisable: Easily adapted for remote/active antenna designs (including aeronautical). Developers can incorporate application specific features such as value added functions, application processors, software and local connectivity options e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa.
  • For all markets: The BRM Blueprint reference design is applicable to all land, maritime and aeronautical applications.
  • Fast track: Compatible with qualification facilities available at TTP, allowing faster transition through the Type Approval process.
  • Future proof: Carrier aggregation ready. Supports I6 constellation.